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  • "Adult Day Support" Provision of regularly scheduled activities in a non-residential setting, such as assistance with acquisition, retention, or improvement of self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills that enhance the individual's social development and performance of daily community living. Adult day support shall be designed to foster the acquisition of skills, build community membership and independence, and expand personal choice. Adult day support enables the individual to attain and maintain his or her maximum potential.

  • "Non-Medical Transportation" Transportation that is used by individuals enrolled in individual options, level one, and self-empowered life funding waivers to get to and/or from a place of employment or to access adult day support, career planning, group employment support, individual employment support, and/or vocational habilitation.

  • "Money Management" Services that provide assistance to individuals who need support managing personal and financial affairs, including training to assist an individual to acquire, retain, or improve related skills. The services meet a continuum of individualized needs, from organizing and keeping track of financial records and health insurance documentation, to assisting with bill-paying and maintaining bank accounts.

  • "Community Respite" Services provided to an individual unable to care for himself or herself furnished on a short-term basis because of the absence or need for relief of those persons routinely providing the care. Community respite shall only be provided outside of an individual's home.

  • "Homemaker/Personal Care" The coordinated provision of a variety of services, supports, and supervision necessary to ensure the health and welfare of an individual who lives in the community. Homemaker/personal care advances the individual's independence within his or her home and community and helps the individual meet daily living needs.

  • "Shared Living" Individual-specific personal care and support necessary to meet the day-to-day needs of an adult enrolled in the individual options waiver, by an adult caregiver who resides in the same home as the individual receiving the services. Shared living is provided in conjunction with residing in the home and is part of the rhythm of life that naturally occurs when people live together in the same home.

  • "Vocational Habilitation" Services that provide learning and work experiences, including volunteer work, where the individual develops general skills that lead to competitive integrated employment such as ability to communicate effectively with supervisors, coworkers, and customers; generally-accepted community workplace conduct and dress; ability to follow directions; ability to attend to tasks; workplace problem-solving skills and strategies; and workplace safety and mobility training




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